About Me

About Me

I have been a mortgage broker since I successfully completed the education requirements at UBC in 2005, and I have been fortunate to work at Select Mortgage since then, which I feel is one of the best mortgage broker houses in BC. I graduated from Claremont High School in Victoria, and I have lived in Ontario, the Yukon, and BC. Although I have been a licensed mortgage broker in Victoria since 2005, I can easily arrange mortgages all over BC, and usually in any other province or territory in Canada, except Quebec.

Prior to my career helping people as a sub-mortgage broker, I worked for the provincial government, The Bank of Montreal, and then did licensed daycare while our three children were in elementary school. Each of the above work environments afforded unique experiences and demonstrated skills that have helped me to provide my clients with the high level of service and advice that I am now able to offer in the field of home buying and mortgages.

I believe that my experiences and first hand knowledge with real estate, real estate investing, real estate construction, deferred property taxes, First Time Buyers programs...etc. and my on-going desire to continue to gain knowledge in all aspects of real estate and financing, serves my clients well, and, coupled with my desire to provide the most sincere, trustworthy, and dedicated service and the best solutions for my clients individual needs, allows me to provide a highly experienced and excellent service to my clients.

Among the many professionals that I have as clients, I have been trusted to arrange the personal mortgages for lawyers, doctors families, and MPs.

It gives me great pleasure to know that I am often able to provide a mortgage solution for clients where their own bank or credit union is not able to help them. I have countless clients that are now happily in their own home, and who, had they not contacted me, would very likely not currently own their home, and that provides me with a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

I truly love to help people, and I am very happy to answer questions and offer assistance in any way that I can, even if a mortgage is not involved. I take great care of my clients.........they are all very important to me.

Feel free to call or email, I love to hear from people.

Kindest regards,
Lynda Smith

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