What My Clients Say

Here are excerpts from the very kind and generous cards and emails sent to me by my clients all over Canada. None of these are testimonials requested by me, and I graciously and humbly thank my clients for these truly kind words. Helping people brings me an enormous sense of happiness and fulfillment, so your cards and emails truly make my day. Thank you to all of the clients that are so special and important to me.....that's sincerely all of you.

“Lynda, you are amazing! I thought that guardian angels were from the other side, but I feel like you are a guardian angel to me.”

“You are a wonder of the world,......... so wonderful, enjoy your weekend, and thanks again for being there”

“In the future, there is no one else we'll work with…..”

“He was heaping glowing praises on you…..just thought you should know.” From a financial planner; about comments from a client.

“I know this is over reacting....but I LOVE YOU....thanks for your work on this and giving me this news!”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will find a way to show just how much I appreciate all your work on this (besides spreading the word about how fantastic you are) to everyone I know...although this was never news”

“Thanks for being Miss Wonderful!”

“25 years down the road, I will always remember the special people who helped me."

"it is people like you, that remind me of how important it is to appreciate important people like you at Thanksgiving.”

“NO matter what happens, (waiting for an approval) my appreciation for you both is no less...I have learned a great deal from both of you and that is priceless. Thanks to both for taking the time to not only protect me, but educate me :)”

“ :) How come you don't have any testimonials on your website, I would want to write one...”

“None of this was possible without you, I mean that sincerely, you really have made a life dream possible. “

“Lynda, I simply can not THANK YOU enough....I know for a fact that had you not been so diligent and forging forward on this, the result would be much different.”

“We really want to thank you for everything you did to get us into our own home again, you are the Best."

“Good for you...and well done with your perseverance. ……… should be thrilled to be dealing with you....that was a lot of work and very very few brokers would have even bothered.”

“We LOVE you!!! “

“thanks so much for what you did for me, its worth millions of dollars to me.”

“Thanks for your note Lynda and all of your concern and willingness to help. We enjoyed working with you as well and will certainly refer anyone we know to you who may be looking for a mortgage in the Victoria area.”

”Our Christmas will be a wonderful one because of you, …….. and ………., but especially you!!”

“…….are very loyal to you..and that is a direct result of your efforts and integrity.. job well done!!! …. is a very happy camper!!!!”

“It was the very least we could do for all the hard work and hours you put in for us!”

“Hi Lynda
I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for … and I. We think about you quite often. If you ever do make it down into Duncan please feel free to drop in anytime for tea or coffee ....."